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Every free country like the United States, Canada, UK and Australia have laws in place that allow its citizens to obtain a new identity 100% legally.

I’ve been there and done it. Personal circumstances required me to take on the challenge and change my identity. I have spent months reading all different kinds of eBooks, searching though online forums and websites. In the ‘Change Identity Bible’, I have combined the results of my extensive research relating to identity change together with my-real life experiences.

In this guide you will find only the most proven methods of legally obtaining a new identity without leaving any traces. You have to be careful; unfortunately during my long research on ID change I came across a lot of guides that included ILLEGAL methods of changing your ID. Those methods might work for a short time. However, it’s not worth risking being arrested.





Peter Bergmann, Author of Author of the ‘Change ID Bible’.


What is the ‘Change Identity Bible’?

The “Change Identity Bible’ is the complete 100% guaranteed, no bull guide to getting yourself a totally new identity using totally legal methods.

What does this mean? It means that after reading this guide you WILL be capable of obtaining a new identity and disappear completely, if you should desire. Different online guides claim to show you how to obtain a new ID, but what use are they if you end up in prison?

I this guide outline exact Step-by-Step Methods on how to change your ID with no background checks.



  • Learn how to live below the radar in less than 7 days.

  • Keep in touch with family and friends without being traced. Safe and 100% proven method.

  • Detailed instructions on how to obtain a new Social Security Number.

  • Learn how to earn a living anonymously in any profession.

  • Stop stalkers from following you so they will never find you again.

  • Escape abusers so they never can find you again.

  • Learn how to get a new phone number that can not be traced back to you.

  • You will also learn how to get credit, pay utilities, see doctors, open bank accounts and much more.

  • Learn how to hide property, cars, money & assets from creditors.

  • The method described in this guide is 100% legal and within the law.

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Peter Bergmann, Author of Author of the ‘Change ID Bible’.

The ‘Change Identity Bible’ has been the #1 Selling change identity guide online since 2006.

We’ve helped more than 6753 people to get a new identity and live under the radar. I am so confident in this method, I will personally guarantee you that this guide will be useful for you, or your money back (60 days 100% money back guarantee).

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